Lara about her contact lens experience - first time

Lara about wearing lenses for the first time

Lara – 21

Lara studies Economics. She lives in a student house with thirteen other girls, loves going out and occasionally acts in films and plays.

Why did you want contact lenses?

‘Actually my mother suggested it because I used to play tennis and glasses aren’t very practical on the tennis court. My vision also kept deteriorating every time I had my eyes checked, and I did not always want to wear glasses, I don’t like the feeling of the arms of the glasses behind my ears.’

Were you nervous at first?

‘A bit. We went to an opticians, where they taught me how to put the lenses in and take them out. It took me a few weeks to really get used to it, but luckily I’m rather vain so I persevered. And then after a while you get the hang of it.

‘For me the biggest benefit is not having anything on your face’

What were your biggest prejudices against contact lenses?

‘In the beginning I was afraid they would disappear behind my eyes. I really thought that could happen! Now I know that it's actually impossible.’

What do you love most about contact lenses?

‘For me the biggest benefit is not having anything on your face. That gives me such a sense of freedom. I prefer to wear daily contacts because I find the idea of having fresh, new lenses hygienic, but at the moment I use the monthlies and I do have to take extra care that I clean them properly before I put them back in their case. When I go on holiday or to a music festival I always take dailies though, because good hygiene isn't always guaranteed in those situations.’

Lara about her contact lens experience - first time

Do they ever bother you?

‘Not really, no. Even if I go out late I never suffer from dry or red eyes. I don’t play tennis anymore, but I do still wear my contact lenses.’

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