Heike about her contact lens experience - presbyopia

Heike about discovering multifocal lenses

Heike - 44

Artist Heike specialises in big installations made of wood and is an art teacher in a primary school. Apart from her love for art, she enjoys reading and plays field hockey. She is married with two teenagers.

When did you start wearing contact lenses?

‘I first started wearing glasses when I was fifteen years old and changed to contacts when I was a student. Before that I thought contacts would be too much hassle, but I was getting tired of wearing glasses. I couldn’t find a nice pair, you needed separate prescription sunglasses and they would always get lost. I also think glasses define the way you look, and I had had enough of that’.

Were you happy with your contact lenses?

‘Once I started wearing them I loved them instantly. It’s just so much more practical than glasses as far as I’m concerned. The only time they cause me trouble is when we go on holiday, because we always go on biking tours and camping out in nature where it is not always possible to ensure a hygienic environment for handling your lenses. So these days, I just wear daily contacts when we go on holiday.’

‘Now I can just keep on working and not worry about damaging or losing my reading glasses’

When did you first start having trouble reading?

‘About two years ago. I spoke to my optician and I wanted to see everything clearly, so I started using reading glasses on top of my contact lenses. The idea was that I would have slightly less clear vision for distances, but would be able to read again without reading glasses. That didn’t work for me at all. I want to see everything clearly all the time, so that’s when I started using reading glasses.’

Were they a satisfactory solution?

‘Not really. I know people postpone the use of reading glasses because they fear it will make them look older and I admit I was the same. But at a certain point you have to acknowledge that you do need them. The problem was I kept forgetting to take them with me. Of course I could have hung them around my neck on a string like my mother-in-law does, but I really didn’t want to do that. So consequently I would always end up at the supermarket, not being able to read the small print on the products!’

Presbyope interview - Heike 2

And then you discovered multifocal contacts?

‘I had never heard of them and when I did I was a bit apprehensive at first, so I didn’t have high expectations. And it did take a little time for my eyes to adjust. But now they have and I couldn’t love them more.’

But what do you love most about them?

‘They are just so very practical. When I am working in my studio I have to often switch from sawing wood to reading the specifications and that used to be such a bother. Now I can just keep on working and not worry about damaging or losing my reading glasses. That might well be the biggest benefit: never having to looking for lost reading glasses anymore!’

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