Eileen about her contact lens experience - first time

Eileen talks about wearing lenses for the first time

Eileen – 22

Eileen is a student at a drama school and when she graduates she hopes to become an actress. She likes walking, going out with her friends and going to the cinema and the theatre.

Did you ever have doubts about getting contact lenses?

‘A little. My mother always wore them and for some reason I always thought it looked like a lot of work. All that hassle with putting them in and taking them out and cleaning them. Also, the thought of putting something in my eye scared me a little.’

And was it as scary as you thought?

‘It was a bit the first time I practised and it did take me rather a long time to succeed. But I kept going and nowadays I don’t even need a mirror anymore to put them in. It also turned out to be a lot less work than I thought it would be. You just get used to always bringing your case and your contact lens solution, it’s like bringing a toothbrush. That’s what I now always tell other people to convince them to give it a try.’

‘Once you get used to them you don’t notice them anymore’

What are the biggest benefits?

‘Once you get used to them you don’t notice them anymore and you can always see clearly all of the time. Sounds obvious, but it’s fantastic. You just put them in and it’s like they disappear, you don’t feel them and I hadn’t expected that. In the beginning I was always a little worried they might fall out of my eyes, but that has never happened, even when I was dancing and jumping around wildly.

Are there any drawbacks?

‘The only drawback is that I was advised not to swim in my contact lenses. I have tried keeping them in at the beach, but the sand and salty water will cause irritation. The same goes for the chlorine in swimming pools, although that also happens to me when I am not wearing my contacts.’

Eileen about her contact lens experience - first time

And when you apply your make-up?

‘I always put my contacts in before I put on my mascara because when you do it the other way around, the make up can transfer onto your contact lenses. When I remove my make-up I take out my contacts first, so I can really get all the make-up off properly. I have been in theatre productions where I have worn a lot more make-up than I do in normal life and I have found it doesn’t make any difference whatsoever and does not cause irritation.

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