Anouk about her contact lens experience - first time

Anouk about wearing lenses for the first time

Anouk – 18

Eighteen-year-old Anouk goes to school and is currently taking driving lessons. In her spare time she likes hanging out with her friends and listening to music.

Why did you decide to get contact lenses?

‘I noticed that I was wearing my glasses less and less frequently and my parents didn’t like the idea of my cycling to school without them. I also practiced judo and while judo without glasses is not an option because you can hardly see anything, judo with glasses is even more impractical for obvious reasons. Contact lenses turned out to be the perfect solution for me.’

Were you nervous about wearing them?

‘Before I tried them it did freak me out a little that you would have to touch your eye whilst putting them in and taking them out. But I wanted them so bad that I did not want my fears to get in the way of that. So I had a practice session with my optician and in the beginning it did take me a while to get them in. But once I did I thought: yes, I can do this! And I immediately started wearing them.’

‘Now I wear them every day and I couldn't live without them anymore’

Did it take you long to get used to them?

‘A little at the start because it is very different from wearing glasses. It seems to me that you see things even more clearly. But you get used to them very quickly and you really don’t notice the contacts in your eyes. Now I wear them every day and I couldn't live without them anymore.’

Do they ever give you trouble?

‘No, only when a little grain of sand or dust ends up in my eye or something like that, that can be a little uncomfortable. That’s why I always wear sunglasses to prevent things from getting into my eyes when I am on my bike.’

Anouk about her contact lens experience - first time

Do you wear them when you have your driving lessons?

‘Yes, first of all because I have the feeling that my eyesight is even better when I wear my contacts, but also because it’s so much more practical. My glasses always tend to slide off my nose and you need separate prescription sunglasses. Now I can just wear any pair of sunglasses if it’s sunny.’

And how do they work for you when you practice judo?

‘Brilliantly! I initially thought that they could fall out of my eyes, but that has never once occurred. That is clearly a myth.’

What would you advise others who are hesitant about contacts?

‘I would at least always try and give it a go. Once you get used to them, you don’t even notice wearing contact lenses. In addition, when you practice sport they can be really useful. You do have to remember to wash your hands when putting them in and taking them out. I only see benefits to wearing contacts.’

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