Emerging presbyopia symptoms

Contact lenses for near, far and in-between

Over time, it can be difficult to read small print up close – like magazines, on price tags or messages on your smartphone. Then there’s the fumbling around looking for reading glasses. Multifocal daily or monthly contact lenses allow you to see at all distances.

Presbyopia contact lenses instead of reading glasses

Reading glasses aren't your only option

Putting on a pair of reading glasses for the first time is probably not something that you’ve been looking forward to. For many people, it can be a relief to know that you have options – and one of those options is multifocal contact lenses.

See, glare, peek, read, look

The big plus to wearing multifocal lenses is the freedom they provide. They offer crisp and clear vision at near, intermediate and far distances. That means you won’t need to switch between glasses or contact lenses at any time. There’s no need to plan ahead. No searching through your bag. Nothing on a chain around your neck. Multifocal contact lenses fit perfectly with a free and active lifestyle – plus you'll keep your natural look.

Presbyopia contact lenses - No need to switch

Ready to try multifocal contact lenses?

Before you slip on those reading glasses, we strongly recommend a visit to your optician. They can also see if multifocal contact lenses are right for you. Optician David explains it all.

‘I was in denial for a while because I didn’t want to admit I was getting older’



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