Multifocal contact lenses

Varifocal Contact Lenses Overview

In a nutshell

You wear them if you have presbyopia

Presbyopia is a naturally occurring vision condition which typically begins in or around your forties. It develops gradually over time and affects the elasticity of the eye, making it difficult to read print up close. It’s nothing out of the ordinary because it happens to everyone. You typically notice it when you read something and move it further away from your face to bring it into focus.

You wear them to help you focus on all distances

Multifocal contact lenses help you see clearly at all distances– near, intermediate and far4. That means you can read your text messages, see road signs or spot far-away objects.

You don’t need to switch around

Some people have several pairs of reading glasses laying around. Contact lenses are easy because you don’t forget them, they’re on the eye and you don’t need to start fumbling in your bag every time you cannot read something. You also have the option of keeping a pair of reading or multifocal glasses at home for the times when you don’t have your contact lenses in.

Who wears them?

These multifocal contact lenses could be right for you